STM Grace Pack

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The luxuriously appointed Grace Pack provides a stylish, secure, and comfortable way to protect your laptop and tablet with shock isolated suspension. Quickly organize yourself with a multitude of pockets and an innovative cable routing system that allows you to neatly connect devices within your pack.

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It’s the best of both worlds. The new Grace Pack brings order to your daily routine, and does it with flair. Keep stuff neat with a multitude of pockets, plus an innovative cable routing system that allows you to tidily connect digital devices within your pack. And do it all as you flash a distinctive feel for fashion.

Grace Line Drawing - Features

  • Ample organisation with a multitude of pockets and CableReady an innovative cable routing system that allows devices to be neatly connected between compartments within the pack
  • Long two-way zipper pulls for easy access even with a gloved hand
  • Sized to fit the form factor of all current 15-inch MacBooks


size 15″

  • main material(s): 100% polyester
  • device space:H 9.7 x W 14 x D 0.7in/H 24.7 x W 36 x D 1.8cm
  • outer dimensions:H 16.5 x W 11.4 x D 4.3in /H 42 x W 29 x D 11cm
  • weight: 1.36 lbs / 0.6 kg

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